Changing spots

Upgraded to the new Mac OS version this weekend. Doubting the wisdom of that.

Part of the problem is that they’ve apparently revamped Spotlight (the super find-everything-on-your-computer utility) in a way that requires it to re-index the entire hard drive. As well, there’s Time Machine (an automated backup system); this is a fine idea, but again takes a certain amount of setting up. And if one isn’t careful, then the very first thing that happens is that both of these HD-intensive applications start working through their initial setting-ups at the same time.

This takes a while.

And it takes longer if the computer decides to put the hard drives to sleep (since apparently nothing’s going on).

Besides that, I’m not wild about the interface tweaks – the darker grey reduces the range of angles at which black text on it is visible – and they’ve managed to make Mail even uglier than they’d made it in Tiger. Spaces is a nice touch, but most of the other new applications and/or features seem to apply to people who aren’t me (i.e. people with the built-in web cameras, or people using their Macs in an enterprise-type environment, or people with kids, or…) and so I’m not entirely convinced that this was a needful update. (Except in that it probably won’t be too long before we start seeing nifty little Leopard-only applications hanging around for download; I still use 10.3 on my office machine, and there’s any number of nifty Tiger-based things I’m missing out on.)

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