Les Vacances

Since my last post, the following things have happened:

  • On December 15th, I drove to Kitchener through winter’s greatest hits (though I stayed ahead of the actual snowstorm until arriving at my destination for that night.
  • December 15th-20th: wandered around K/W and Toronto, meeting up with folks when I could and leaving mocking messages on their answering machines when I couldn’t.
  • December 20th: drove to Ottawa. Uneventful drive.
  • December 22nd: hit by a car. A little bit. After a few hours of “ignore it and it’ll go away”, sought medical attention in an emergency room. Nothing broken; icing and Advil prescribed.
  • December 24th-26th: various family-related Christmas activities.
  • December 27th: hit a “session” of Irish music at Daniel O’Connell’s in Ottawa. Fun, despite/because of my not actually knowing any tunes & thus having to pick them out of the air before they switch to a new one.
  • December 28th: drove to Toronto.
  • December 28th-January 3rd: more hanging around southern Ontario, more seeing people, etc. Parties and hilarity.
  • January 4th: drove back home. Uneventful.

…and that’s actually a pretty typical winter break for me. Minus the hit-by-a-car part, I suppose. Right now I’m packing my stuff to go to Vancouver for a few days, but that’s turning into its own complicated little story that I’ll tell another time.

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