Vox populi

I got polled the other day. Go me!

Specifically, I got a phone call from a nice robot at Survey USA, asking about my state’s upcoming primary: how likely I was to vote, which party I’d be voting in, and which candidates (presidential and gubernatorial) I was likely to back. Yes, my state hasn’t held their primary yet, which means that for the first time ever there’s attention being paid by the presidential candidates.

There was also some demographic-type questions: how old am I, am I a party member (we have open primaries, so you don’t need to be a member of Party X to vote in the Party X primary), am I conservative/moderate/liberal, and (oddly) am I pro-life or pro-choice. Some of these are the sorts of questions that I would hem and haw over if asked by an actual human, since they’re not ones that necessarily admit clean answers relying as they do on arguable preconceived notations… but faced with a prerecorded voice, I had no choice but to press a button on my phone. Progress!

So now I’m watching the website to see when the poll results get published. Though if I’d visited before the phone call I would probably never have picked up; their “Why did they call me?” page is emotional bullying from start to finish, and mostly bullshit to boot.

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