My state of residence is in the peculiar situation of having people care about its primaries on Tuesday… or at least about one of the primaries on Tuesday. I’m not sure I’ve seen more than two signs/stickers/etc. supporting one or the other of the Democratic gubernatorial candidates, and while I’m aware that there’s a Republican race for the local congressional seat, damned if I can tell you the name of the challenger.

However! At some point I got onto a Democratic Party list (possibly when I voted in their primary last year, maybe? Or the year before? They tend to be moderately more interesting than the Republican versions, and it’s open primaries hereabouts) and so I’ve been inundated with attention. I’ve gotten a phone call from each of the competing camps, reminding me politely where and when I can vote; I’ve had an Obama supporter come to my door with the same information; and of course I’ve been getting roughly ten pieces of glossy campaign literature during each of the last 2-3 weeks. Plus for a while something from the Clinton campaign in Indianapolis was calling my home once or twice a day, but never left any messages.

So hey, supposedly my vote is important. A pity that I’m so indifferent between the candidates, then… though in a good way, in that I’ll happily vote for either of them come November over McCain, whose judgement seems suspect and whose ideology of “national greatness” is worrisome. At the moment I’m leaning slightly towards Obama, mostly because he’s got a bit of a better record of talking sense; Clinton’s support for the gas tax vacation is the most recent blow against her in this regard.

But I might well change my mind.

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