Service, please

In response to the continuing deterioration of my home phone and DSL service, I figured I should look into the alternatives: either switch to cable, or else “upgrade” to the phone company’s fibre-optic service. So I went and set up a nice little chart on a pad of paper, comparing and contrasting features and prices, because when I set my mind to it I can be as organized as the next person. As long as the next person isn’t very organized. And I grabbed the most recent promotional fliers so that I could call actual humans with my many questions.

Well, the cable company’s flier lists a phone number that hasn’t been connected yet, so that didn’t get me very far. The phone company gives a number that seems to filter into their universal system — I’ve called a half-dozen numbers for this company, for various different purposes, and they all seem to get into the same menu system — and, after a little bit of bouncing around, I get a canned voice saying that there’s an “emergency situation” and that my call can’t be answered at this time.

Seriously, o corporate entities: I’m looking to be giving one of you money. Is having someone answering a phone call too much to ask?

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