Does not compute

My laptop is nearing the end of its three-year extended warranty, which is more or less equivalent to the end of its three-year lifespan from what people have told me. The battery’s reached the point where it’ll last for thirty minutes unplugged, tops, which is just unacceptable. So I’m considering my options.

Option A is to just go and get a new laptop, essentially continuing my current computational lifestyle. This is in some ways the simpler option.

Option B is to get a desktop and a new battery. This would involve making the desktop my primary computer, and stripping down the laptop and making it pretty much a travelling-only machine. This has its attractions, in that desktops tend to be more powerful than laptops at an equivalent price point, and any new laptop I got would be larger than the one that I’ve got right now… and I rather like the size of my current machine for portability.

In either case, I’m not likely to move on it for another couple of weeks; having just gotten a major repair done on my car, I’d kind of like to wait for the next billing cycle to start before making another large purchase.

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