The cabaret was quiet, except for the drilling in the wall

There’s a guy from the phone company in my basement right now, installing the various folderol necessary for my incipient transition to fibre-optics-based service (“FiOS”, to use the brand name). It feels a little weird, because it’s really quite rare for there to be anyone else in my house; I think the last time I had a visitor was six months ago. It’s also weird because of the random drilling and hammering noises that keep phasing in and out, of course.

In other news, I’ve got my new machine; pursuant to my earlier musings, I’m indeed going with the three-box solution of a desktop, a laptop, and an iPod Touch, though the latter has yet to arrive. So far, I’m liking the desktop a lot; I’d forgotten what having adequate amounts of RAM really means.

Oh, and I’ve been experimenting with Twitter, which is more fun than I’d anticipated. The username there’s “doc_hatter” if you feel like following my exploits there. I’ve started working on another couple of web-based projects, but it might be a while before those come to fruition.

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