I couldn’t vote in the Canadian election three weeks ago — I was registered to, but I’ve apparently fallen off the list of voters-abroad and hence my registration card got mailed to my parents’ house (AKA my last official Canadian address). So I could have voted, but I would have had to get up to Eastern Ontario in order to do so… not impossible, but troublesome. (And ultimately irrelevant, since the incumbent MP cruised to victory.)

I did, however, take advantage of my second citizenship to vote today. There was actually a non-trivial line-up, which is a first in my (admittedly brief) experience of voting in my midwestern state. I had a little trouble with the guy checking the lists, because I knew the rules better than he did; my state requires government-issued photo ID, so I showed up with my (American) passport in hand. Dude sort of hems and haws a bit, and asks me if I’ve got anything with my address on it. Despite having no legal requirement to do so, I pull out my driver’s licence, and instantly the guy’s all “you should have just given me that in the first place”. I make some comment about the passport proving I was a citizen, and his response is that the driver’s licence does the same thing: demonstrably false, since I’ve had licences in two states well before I got documentation of my American-ness.

But hey, got it done in the end. No “I voted!” sticker, sadly.

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