Three wheels in the evening

I bought a new toy earlier this week, and am now the proud owner of a TerraTrike Rover.

I should note that I’ve never been a cyclist until this purchase.  That is, I had a bicycle once upon a time when I was quite young; for various reasons I never properly learned to ride it, and learning as an adult just never seemed to happen.  But having the trike means I don’t need to worry about the complicated part (i.e. balance); in fact the interface feels quite similar to a car in many ways.  (Plus the peddling, of course, so maybe like a Flintstones car?)

So far I’ve taken it out and back again on two trips, neither of which would have taken me more than 20-25 minutes by walking (and which took maybe 10 minutes by trike). It turns out that the area around here has a lot of hills that I’d never noticed before. Also, people seem to talk to you more when you’re riding a contraption like this. (Ann assures me that it’s because riding a bike marks you as “good people” and automatically friendlier, much like walking a dog does.) I’ve already had to make one repair, having lost my rear inner tube to a stray bit of glass or something, but it turns out that those kinds of replacements are cheap!

Further updates as the experiment progresses.

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